Mobile Application Development

The world has been moving from 'mobile friendly' to 'mobile first' approach An app is a must have for your business if you want to engage your clients.

  • Website App: The most basic form of the app - helps the user open your website via the app with an added feature of notifications and app based users tracking enabled.

  • Static App: A small app with a few screens with the information that your website already or would hold. Helps user look at your catalog even when offline.

  • Dynamic App: An app which depends on the internet to download data from the server and show it to the user. Choose this if your content keeps updating.

  • Customized App: A completely user defined app which is designed and devloped keeping your requirements in mind. Few examples, attendance app, order tracking app etc.

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Mobiles have become an integral part of technology. All businesses now prefer mobile presence be it through a mobile friendly website or a small mobile app which will help their clients access their order history and account statements. Various types of mobile applications can be developed depending on the kind of requirement that you or your business has. A basic app which just gives a prevew of your website and has notifications built in is good to start with if looking at a lower investment of time and money.

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