Data Management Tools

Data in it's base form may not really be of much use to your business. We help you translate it into meaningful information for decision making.

  • Search, Sort & Filter: Search for specific data, sort this data based on your preference or filter records based on multiple criteria. Put your data to better use!

  • Add/Update/Delete and Import/Export: Manage your data by changing it the way you please, export search result sets, single pages or entire datasets to excel, xml, etc.

  • Graphs & Reports: Let us know what parts of the data you want a report or chart of and we will have a dynamic one set up which will change as and when the data changes.

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These are specially developed software which only focus on consolidating data into a database and presenting it in a more manageable format by means of adding filtering methods, search algorithms, adding/updating or deleting records easily and building charts and reports atop this dataset which in turn is the business intelligence you need to make better decisions for your growth and identify key areas of improvement. This system comes with proper user rights and access controls along with audit trails and IP based activity logs to give different levels of control to various users for security.

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