Third Party API Integration

Most third party services providers have integrations APIs of their own. We can integrate them in your new/existing website or system as per feasibility.

  • SMS Gateway: The most common facility for authenticating users via OTP or sending client reminders or notifications. We can also sign you up if you do not have a vendor.

  • Payment Gateway: Save the hassle of bank transfers and delays which come with it. Make it easy for your clients to pay by accepting online payments. Partner with us.

  • Other Tools, Tally etc: Got an existing system or developing a new one with us, integrate tally export features to avoid rework for accounting. Contact us to know more.

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Most functionality can be attained by using features available in your existing systems, however, some features may need to be reused to save huge amounts of time and money - payment and sms gateways are some names we can think of where a certain interface can be used to process your request. We pass your inputs to these systems and they perform the desired operations after which a confirmation of the status is received. In short, send us your query and we will guide you forward.

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